Episode 94 With Guest TheBrianJ - Game Boy Roulette, Dollar Store Gaming, TheBrianJ3D


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The young royal, having had his fill, says his goodbyes and heads out of the tavern. Our heroes finish their meals and return to their rooms to collect their things. The swordsman hero, deciding he needs some more supplies, informs the group of his plans and heads into town.

Once on the street, the swordsman hero goes from stall to stall, searching for the materials he needed. He thought to himself that perhaps such a small town wouldn't have what he was looking for. He continued on anyway, hoping to be surprised. While searching, he ran into a man with a penchant for older mechanical devices. Perhaps he would be able to help. The hero sat down and talked to him. They talked about old school Game Boy games, the hits and misses of cheap video games, and personal ventures.

Thank you so much to TheBrianJ for coming on the show! Please check out his work using the links below!

TheBrianJ on YouTube

TheBrianJ on Twitch

TheBrianJ3D 3D Printing Business

His Etsy Shop

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