Episode 98 - Fargo, Halo Infinite, and Thanksgiving


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The heroes, having figured out their plan, clean up their campsite and head into the cave. The Jester lead the way, torch in hand. The darkness was nearly unbearable, making it seem as though the torch put off no light whatsoever. The crept carefully through the twisting tunnels, stepping quietly over stones and the remains of the adventurers that had come before them. As they progressed onward, the tunnels seemed to compress around them to the point they began to wonder how much further they could progress.

Eventually they arrived at an intersection, with three separate tunnels heading in each direction. The warrior hero asked if they should split up, but they decided it would be better to stick together. In spite of this, the Jester went off on his own to speed up their search. The went down their respective paths, and prepared to enter the deepest part of the cave.

As they proceeded through the ever-narrowing tunnel, the warrior hero and swordsman hero talked about the TV show Fargo, their experiences with halo Infinite, and Thanksgiving.

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