Ep. 96 - Two Weddings and a Break-In


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Our adventurers are off to the estate of Hoque Venderbergh, but tensions and emotions mount along the way. They may get in the way of facing down an old enemy. Join Dosh Johnson (Matt Smith), Donovan Likecher (Brad Renfro), Josh Donson (Ben Renfro), and Jack Jackerson (Brad Richards) as they continue their adventures in the Free Cities, led by Dungeon Master Paul Camper. Catch up on previous episodes with these characters (Ep. 38, 49, 61) and our larger campaign at www.deathsavingbros.com.

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The songs “Leafhollow,” “Lord Merriweather Wants You Dead,” “The Merriweather Estate,” “To Long and to Lose,” “Viriline (Instrumental),” and “You’re Home” are copyright Will Savino and the Music d20 project. The song “Rise of the Pumpkin King” is copyright Adventure Music. The song “Parlor Perturbance (Mystery)” is by Boy King of Idaho. These tracks are used with permission. All rights reserved.

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The tracks “Silent Motion” and “Here and Now” are music by Orchestralis.

The Death Saving Bros theme song is an abridged version of the track "Run" by Kai Engel from The Free Music Archive. It is used with permission under Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0.

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