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Deborah Hatswell is a phenomenonist, a writer, podcaster, Investigator and the founding member of the Being Believed Research and Investigations group and has taken or researched over 3000 personal witness reports from all across the globe. Deborah is based in Lancashire and has formed a team of volunteer investigators researching the many witness reports that are reported each week to BBR.
Deborah is a witness herself to an impossible creature that she saw in 1982. “It took 30 years for me to find an official body that would take myself and my experience seriously. During those years I found thousands of people in a similar position. Their experiences were with Reptilian or Cryptid Creatures, Alien beings and Shadow people, invisible entities and all manner of dimensional entities. Many of the witnesses are abductees who have had a lifetime of interaction. Some families have had to deal with phenomena for generations. There are cattle mutilations and missing people all across the UK.
I set up BBR to help those people find somewhere they could report their experiences to and I encouraged them to investigate the cases and theories for themselves.
Now it is time to bring all of the so-called ‘alternative subjects’ under the same roof and let's share our knowledge bases in the hopes of answering some of the still unanswered questions.
Deborah Lilith Hatswell.
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