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This episode really feels like a tackle. We’re talking about kallah classes, in other words, premarital education. Frum women have many feelings about their kallah classes. Kallah classes are typically where engaged women learn about the laws of family purity. When it comes to premarital education about intimacy, the amount of information shared in a kallah class is going to depend on numerous factors: when you took your kallah classes, who your teacher was, and possibly the community you’re in. So in hindsight, some women feel that their kallah teacher did a thorough job of preparing them for marital intimacy, and others feel that the topic was hardly addressed.

Kallah classes have changed over the past number of years. There has been a communal recognition that kallah classes need to be thorough in covering more ground, from intimacy education to addressing relationship-building skills. Long gone are the days when kallah classes were just about niddah and preparation for the mikvah.

At the forefront of this educational shift in kallah classes is Rochel Goldbaum. Rochel is a highly-sought after international speaker and focuses on marital harmony and intimacy in the Jewish home. She’s a dating and relationships coach, and mentors other professionals in the field. Rochel’s a leader in dating mentor training and kallah teacher training. She’s also the Education Director of MyGiftofMikvah.org.

In this episode of DMC you’ll hear:

  • How kallah classes have changed over the past few years
  • Why changes were made; what was realized
  • How we prepare kallah who may have too deeply internalized the middah of tsnius for marital life

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