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The Deer Tracks podcast is a place where creativity lives. Where our longings, our delights, our disappointments, and our passions are breathed out: marking the trail of our journey. These are the tracks we make and the ones we follow to find the deepest parts of ourselves: our true selves. During each episode, you will hear echoes of the past as well as current voices through discussions about and performances of creative works. Our goal is to build community and inspire others in their creative pursuits which is why we invite our listeners to submit their work for the opportunity of hearing it on a future episode or seeing it on our blog site by sending them All submissions must be appropriate for a general audience and should be original work. You can submit a recording of yourself performing your work, or you can submit the words to have James perform it; all we ask is that recordings run no longer than four minutes and thirty seconds or submissions to be read are no longer than one thousand words. Exceptions can be made based on literary form but as a general rule, we ask that submissions abide by the above criteria. For further questions, you can email those to the above email address.

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