Xbox & Crystal Dynamics' Weird Relationship + More Studio Acquisitions ft. Jeff Grubb


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In this episode of Defining Duke we are joined by Jeff Grubb to go over the latest in gaming! Before we get into anything, someone should call Tostitos because there are a ton of scoops this week. The biggest headline circling the Xbox camps is what is happening with Crystal Dynamics? Recently, they were brought into the fold to work on Perfect Dark, but now that partnership has expanded to a Game Pass deal for Avengers that seemed long overdue. Excellent timing or something brewing? We scoop! Beyond that, Netflix has joined what is a big time for spending across game companies. Welcoming in Night School Studio to their game development program, we are left asking one question. Is there a particular reason for these studios getting gobbled up? Diving into the nature of the industry plus the economy is required! That plus behind-the-scenes on scoops, why Matty likes Quantum Break, and much more decorate a very fun episode Defining Duke.

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