291-Starting Over


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Life is messy.

Things get busy.

Our focus can get on things that just don't matter.


We get to start over.

We can take a breath.

We can reach to see God's perspective.

What does He think about this situation?

What matters to Him most in this difficulty?

I don't think we can see His perspective unless we're well-rested.

Unless we "come to Me all you who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest.”

It's a discipline to come to Him...to receive His rest.

It's a discipline to not fill your schedule, mind space, sad moments, loneliness, or even the spots of boredom with things that crowd out our possibility to ponder God's perspective on it.

Because God has a totally different perspective on our lives than we do.

We all get off-base.

Loving our spouses the way they receive love isn't natural.

We're seeking to do something supernatural when we love our spouses well.

So if you are noticing you're falling on your face while trying to do that, or you've gotten off track in loving them well...

God wants you to rest, refocus and get back out there -- He is rooting for you.

All is not lost, He is refining you on the path and in the ways He chooses.

Today's podcast goes into how to rest, how I rest, how I refocus, and how I suggest you "start over" in your marriage and all other areas of your life.



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