293-She Didn't Want to Listen OR Him Listening, But Now... Testimonial with Russ & Kim


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Coming up on their 35th wedding anniversary, Kim didn't even want to celebrate. "I don't like you.... I don't want to be mean, but I don't want to lie either". And Kim definitely didn't want Russ to listen to my material. Because she didn't want him to think more about sex than he already did. But, after taking the Free Men's Masterclass, Russ felt God told him to go forward with the paid Masculinity Reclaimed program... without her knowledge. He felt (at least at first) it'd be better for her not to doubt his changes were sincere and not just to "get sex," plus he admitted his motivations became more sincere as he went through the program. But now she knows...

And I'm excited for you to hear what happened at their anniversary just several days before this recording. How their marriage, intimacy, and kids have changed. And what SHE thinks about it all now. If you're suffering in your marriage with pain, feeling unloved, I think hearing from Kim's perspective what changed in her husband that drew her to him and transformed their marriage, will help you have faith for your own. This is real life and there's time is still required for trust and healing -- but you can tell they are well on their way and there is an openness that only God could have created. Love and Blessings, Belah PS - 1) Announcement: The Free Men's Masterclass: Passionize Your Marital Intimacy (even if you're the only one doing the work) is happening July 19, 20 & 21. So, I encourage you to get registered and mark your calendar because it's only live for 1 week. Assume each day's lesson requires 1 hour, including homework. I was speaking to some men yesterday who took the Free Men's Masterclass and they emphatically told me about how valuable it was. Some men have been signed up for months. If you're registered, mark your calendar to be sure you dedicate the time to go through it. 2) Announcement: For those of you who have been waiting for me to reopen enrollment for the paid program... The Masculinity Reclaimed: Be respected, enjoy fierce intimacy, and love being married again, enrollment opens on July 22! The free men's masterclass I mentioned above provides awesome value and insight and if you want to go deeper and see dramatic transformation... Join the full Masculinity Reclaimed (MR) is enrolling July 22 -- sign up for the masterclass to get all the information. The MR program will occur July 29 - Oct 28, 2021. To find out all the details, enroll in the free men's masterclass :)

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