304-No Desire Due to Abuse, But Now "I Just Want It So Bad!" Testimonials with Two Pastors


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Pastor Nathan's wife had abuse/trauma growing up that severely inhibited her sexual desire and affection with him.

They were good people and she wanted to love him well, but couldn't because of her past.

And her libido was SO low.

Pastor Nathan went through the Masculinity Reclaimed program and his wife transformed before his eyes.

(She didn't do a program).

His favorite moment was when he said after a very passionate experience and he said "thank you"--she responded "well, it was because I wanted it so badly"!


Pastor Todd & Donna had a great marriage. (Donna joined him for this interview!)

They come from a long line of pastors and are very busy doing a lot for others.

And it was really good -- but intimacy was physically painful for Donna and she also had low drive.

Pastor Todd joined the MR program (almost by accident) and he felt like he didn't belong there because everyone seemed to have it much worse.

And he felt that her physical pain wasn't because of him at all.

But, he took a step of faith and signed up. She didn't do a program.

BUT... through the program SHE started initiating way more than ever and she didn't even notice.

She started enjoying it more and their marriage has flourished!

He has a Masters in Family Life Ministry said in an email to me:

"My wife and I have been to and led MANY Christian marriage conferences and retreats and Bible studies and have watched many marriage videos and read many books and I have done pre-marriage counseling with couples in my role as a pastor and camp director, but I have never experienced anything as comprehensive and effective as Masculinity Reclaimed!"


Excited for you to hear these two mens' stories, as professionals in the field God has used MR to help their own marriages and I am SO honored, humbled and grateful.



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