307-He does not know it will cost him his life


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He does not know it will cost him his life.

Sounds like a horror movie -- where the killer is waiting in the woods without the person knowing.

But the person should never have come into the haunted house in the first place -- if only he knew it would cost him his life.

(Isn't that how those horror movies go? I don't actually know, I don't watch them.)

But, my hope is that this episode would grab you at your core.

I hope it does.

Our society says the absolute opposite of this about sexual sin.

It's so sad and so awful the way sex outside of marriage is touted in our society as "normal" and even "healthy".

Oh but it grieves God. And it destroys a man's soul.

"He does not know it will cost him his life". Prov 7:23

So I want to ring the bell. I want to yell in the streets -- you don't know the danger. You can't see the wreckage, but it is happening whether you see it or not.

So, much of Proverbs warns against the temptation of the wrong way of sex (and so many other places explicitly as well as embedded in stories of men who made these mistakes themselves).

It is a powerful warning.

I hope and pray this episode shakes you from your slumber.

And puts the fear of God in you so you no longer see yourself as a victim but as one who "does not even go near her corner".

Sexual sin should NOT be trifled with.

You know what sexual sin is for you (is it in reality or fantasy... all of that is the sin we are talking about.)

May you see the see evil and hide yourself, "But the naive proceed, and pay the penalty" Prv 22:3

That it might not cost you your life.



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