309-When YOU Lead... Rapid-Fire Intimacy Transformations


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If you're looking for hope that your marriage or intimacy could change, you've found it.

These are rapid-fire stories of how these men's marriages literally transformed in simply 3 months.

Here are these guys saying in rapid-fire interviews:

"Now, it's better than when we were dating"

"She initiated 5x in a week" and she didn't know he was doing the program.

"Our emotional connection is so much better than it was...she's softening"

"Our intimacy is night and day different"

If it can happen for them, why not you? I bet you'll hear your own story in theirs.

The Masculinity Reclaimed program is what they did and now God has transformed intimacy for their marriages!

Listen in to hear hope and encouragement!

Join the Masculinity Reclaimed program before it all closes down 11:59pmEST on Monday Oct 18, 2021




PS - Once you go through MR, I'd like to add your testimonial to the list---it's pretty long at this point, but I want yours too :)

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