The Seattle Mystery Soda Machine and Other Soda Mysteries


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Hit 4 followed by 1, 2, 3, and rumor has it that a free can of Annie and Hajin comes out talking about:

  • the smell of Seattle
  • Maker America Pepsi A.M Again
  • Big government big taxes
  • It’s definitely the locksmith !!
  • Root beer in prohibition
  • When Hajin’s parents acted drunk from root beer
  • A commendable commitment to the bit
  • White coke that the Soviet Union commissioned to resemble vodka
  • ‘What’s the point of OK? What’s the point of anything?’ and other slogans
  • The wild world of soda promos

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Hosted by Annie Rauwerda & Hajin Yoo

Produced by Seth Gliksman

Music by Kyle Imperatore

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