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It's Cow Tools Time with Annie and Hajin "The Tool People" Taylor.

  • Reagan’s America
  • What separates humans from animals
  • Rorschach tests
  • Cow Tools as a world-building trope
  • Gary Larson origin story
  • Comic writers who began in advertising
  • Dr. Seuss leaving his wife who had cancer
  • Gary Larson killing a dog on his way to an interview to be an animal cruelty investigator
  • Greatest disappointments in life
  • Gary Larson Jane Goodall controversy
  • Larson’s return to making comics when he got a tablet and digital pen, and he 'felt like [he] was at the controls of a 747’

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Hosted by Annie Rauwerda & Hajin Yoo

Produced by Seth Gliksman

Music by Kyle Imperatore

Commercial Voices: Seth Gliksman & Jessica Mae Murphy

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