Perpetual Stew and Perpetual Students


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In theory, you never have to clean the pot if you never stop cooking, and you never have to pay your debt if you never stop racking it up. Annie and Hajin explore Perpetual Stew and Perpetual Students, as well as other things...

  • Hamburger University where you get a degree in Hamburgerology
  • The elderly Italian man with 15 degrees
  • Announcing our new cult
  • Are You Smarter Than a 7th Grader (Hajin isn’t!)
  • Michigan savants
  • Life lessons from special guest Johnny “Big Man On Campus” Lechner
  • A follower tells us about prosody, the study of voice intonation, stress, and rhythm

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Hosted by Annie Rauwerda & Hajin Yoo

Produced by Seth Gliksman

Music by Kyle Imperatore

Segment Guest: @fuckakta

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