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1935. The Great Depression. Detroit is ranked as the hardest hit city in America. Speramus Meliora Resurgent Cineribus Akin to a miracle something incredible began to happen. Detroit began to win in a way that had never been seen before…or since. The Tigers, Lions and Red Wings all won their first Championships. An unknown Joe Louis would rise to international super stardom. Speed boat racing, tennis, track and field, golf, bowling, swimming, firearms…champions all and all from Detroit. In this calendar year the city could claim 33 national championships. A celebration followed that has no equal in the annals of American sport. Holidays were declared, a plaque was signed by the president as well as every governor in the country recognizing Detroit as THE City of Champions… …and then…the story was forgotten. What happened in 1935? How did it happen? Why was it forgotten? Why should we care? These topics and many more will be explored by veteran radio host Jamie Flanagan a

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