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Comparisons . . .

Where is the source

of the light,

you stand-in?

From within or borrowed?

Will your light reach into

other's hearts

warming their soul?

Consider the Moon . . .

reflecting the light of the Sun,

lighting our path in darkness.

The Sun . . .

has no darkness, and

can't shine at night!

You will shine

in your spheres,

day and night.

How 'oft you shine,

lighting another's darkness

at appointed times . . .

Of Their Night.


The question of what or who you reflect is a real one. Everyone reflects themselves in some unique way and unfortunately, we compare ourselves with others. This usually promotes competition and doesn't actually reflect the whole truth.

Humanity loves to compete rather than serve each other, and this is often from the root of insecurity that drives it. The poem asks about the light we stand in, whether it is borrowed or from within.

Once secure in ourselves, we stand in our own light and have the confidence to shine and light the path of another. This is an important moment when we understand our role and perform it humbly.

Here's one of the important facets of life which is often overlooked. We are all gifted with various gifts and abilities, which we perform naturally without thinking. I believe God has created us all to serve one another with these abilities. Rather than having an attitude of yourself as being the gift or ministry of that gift, try seeing yourself as one who serves humanity with your abilities.

When your service is rendered with humility, this will stop any competition or comparisons between any other parties. Your personal satisfaction comes out of your love for humanity, not your need for recognition because you have a gift. Consider Jesus; on many occasions before He performed a miracle, it is often written "filled with compassion" which reveals His Father's heart.

In the poem, I mention how the moon reflects the sun. I remember a sign written over every exit of the church's door. It read "if you were arrested for being a Christian how much evidence of this would be evident in your life to convict you?" This is the evidence of what we reflect from the transformations which are being lived out in our lives.

The security we have developed within ourselves is the benchmark we play our life from. We graduate from faking until we make it and step into the place of knowing who we are. Now the challenge is to walk it out with humility while serving our fellow man. Having these facets working together guarantees you will shine during your appointed times.


# How is your life a growing reflection of walking WITH God?

# What conclusions have you come to when analyzing the occasions when you have compared yourself with others? What effect has this had on your emotions?

# When you read the word serve, how does that word cause you to respond?

Be sure you give Archippus this message: “Be faithful to complete the ministry you received from our Lord Jesus!”

Colossians 4:17 TPT

As in water, the face reflects face, So a man’s heart reveals the man.

Proverbs 27:19 NKJV

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