The Miner


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The Miner . . .

That's YOU!

Not in age,

but in years.

You know

how to find and mine

the Treasure

in the hearts of men.

You dig their hearts

with the spade

of questions.

Finding their treasuries

their golden seams . . .


You impart confidence,

this alone extricates

the golden nuggets

hidden in their vault.

You don't stop there!

You refine the treasure

using different spades.


which flush out

the Diamonds and Gold

which shine and . . .

Change LIVES!


This poem is a prophetic word I wrote for a person who is a coach. I feel to include this in the site because this word is for those who have the gift of aligning people to their abilities. You will know who you are and this will resonate with you.

Not everyone has the ability or anointing to impart confidence in people's lives or draw out the treasure within them, except when God anoints you. I say this because when God blesses you with a word of knowledge accompanied with His wisdom, then you are anointed to speak and affirm the person God has chosen you to speak with.

Every one of us is gifted in some way, and usually, we are our own worst enemy at the same time. Our internal saboteurs come out of hiding and plague the creative ideas with negativity and thus poison the idea from ever being developed.

Here's a picture for you. Imagine putting together a 10,000 piece puzzle and when you get to the end one piece is missing, and it happens to be a critical part of the picture. Now put yourself into that piece and see yourself as that piece. Are you the missing piece in a team because you have something to contribute to another person, but you don't value what you have to say?

Please don't hold back with your contributions because your piece matters as shown in the puzzle analogy. Often the missing ingredient, when these encounters arise, is God’s wisdom and timing to share what you have. The more you engage with this and do it, you become fluent and more experienced and it flows out of you. An experienced miner knows how to find the treasure and then how to extract it in an encouragingly inspirational way.

You are one who has the gift to mine the treasure within people, and this will really kick start a person's motivation to investigate their own treasury. I really love how God said "you use the spade of questions" to do the mining, isn't God so outstanding!


# - If this resonates with you, how do you implement this gift with people you do not know?

# - The wisdom of sharing the insight you have with people you don't know is much easier than you may think. The clue is in the poem, did you see it?

# - This statement may sound strange to you: "Remember your future"? Does it, and if so here's a clue, are you looking through your promises for your future?

Colossians 4:17 NKJV

And say to Archippus, “Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord, that you may fulfill it.”

I now release a blessing over you to put this into practice.

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