The Story . . .


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The Story . . .

A written legacy

for his children.

The Shack . . .

Truth woven between the lines,

word tapestries

for the heart

Written by and from the heart.

Laying bare,

unveiling truth's enemy.

Exposing unwrapped lies

'neath layers

of unchallenged tradition

now . . .

with nowhere to hide.

A MUST to see!

Forcing a heart response

in crucibles

separating traditional dross.

Words written

To My Children

From MY Heart

To Every Generation

Now . . .

Until The End.


When The Shack was released as a movie, to some, it brought healing and stability, to others it would be deemed to be blasphemous. The movie was certainly polarizing.

Something which it really did was stir up numerous discussions debating scriptural principles and boundaries. No matter which side of the debate you were on, the ambiance of the movie's questions, hang poignantly and for some, this movie still does.

The challenges and questions were very heart-searching. Regardless of the controversy, it stirred up, there were many moments of divine truth beautifully presented, which portrayed the relationship God wants to have with us individually.

Sometimes we humans need to expose ourselves to concepts which challenge our normals. When this happens we tend to stand our ground on what we believe. This movie is one which opens us up on different levels and challenges us to the core. Love it or hate it, let it's message be heard by your heart because that's where it will speak to you.

Even if you are caught in the controversy of doctrinal fine print, I believe there's a message for everyone. Movies have a way of visually confronting us on many levels. The Shack is such a one.


# - Have you seen this movie? If so, how did you respond to its messages and why?

# - What was the specific aspect or part of this movie which was a revelation to you and how did it affect you?

# - The last few lines of the poem are in red because this is the message from God to you as His child. What is your response as you reflect on the content of the movie and would you see it again?

Job 33:14 NKJV

For God may speak in one way, or in another, Yet man does not perceive it.

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