Ep.12- Why Divine Sexuality? From Shame to Healing!


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Hello Beautiful People! Here are the reasons why I have chosen Divine Sexuality to transform my life and some of the reasons why you might want to explore it as well. Feel free to comment with any questions you might have! Victoria


0:00 Why Divine Sexuality?
0:21 Divine Sexuality teacher Victoria Vives Khuong
0:36 From Sexual Shame to Healing
0:58 Divine Sexuality Resources

Victoria Vives is a leading expert in Divine Sexuality, Shamanism and Energy Healing. Descending from renown lineages in the healing and spiritual arts, she started practicing in 2000 and is a highly accredited teacher, having trained thousands of practitioners internationally. Victoria emphasizes the principles of Divine Sexuality as the pathway for women to achieve a balance between personal power, success, love, intimacy, and life fulfillment.

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