Season 2 Epi 23 Speaking with Dr Joseph Pizzorno ND about the mighty mitochondria


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In this this episode we talk the benefits of naturopathic medicine. Dr Pizzorno or Joe as we called him when he was president at Bastyr University when I went there (he's also one of the founders) and I discuss his latest research: the mighty if wee mitochondria, and how we can keep it healthy to keep us in the best health and free from fatigue.
Minding the mitochondria is THE most important thing you can do for your energy, to combat chronic disease and help minimize aging.
Here's his bio: Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, ND is a transformational leader in medicine. As founding president of Bastyr University in 1978, he coined the term “science-based natural medicine” and lead Bastyr to become the first ever accredited institution in this field. This validated that health promotion rather than only disease treatment could be credibly taught, researched and practiced. A licensed naturopathic physician, educator, researcher and expert spokesman, he is Editor-in-Chief of PubMed-indexed IMCJ, Board Chair of the Institute for Functional Medicine, founding board member of American Herbal Pharmacopeia, and a member of the science boards of the Hecht Foundation and Bioclinic Naturals. He was appointed by Presidents Clinton and Bush to 2 prestigious government commissions to advise Congress on how to integrate natural medicine into healthcare. He is author or co-author of 6 textbooks (most recent Clinical Environmental Medicine) and 8 consumer books (most recent Healthy Bones, Healthy You with wife Lara).
My book, Transforming Trauma, a drugless and creative path to healing PTS and ACE is out in September. YAY!!!

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