Season 2 Episode 25 A WAY IN #2 By myself talking about growing emotional and mental strength


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This episode is about getting centered. When the whole world is topsy turvy and filled with lies and deceit we need to start with our own minds. We gather moments of breath in, breath out, nowhere to go, nothing to do, simply breath in and breath out. Over and over as we allow ourselves the chance to let our thoughts unfurl and feelings settle. As we go deeper inside ourselves we anchor ourselves to nature, to the universe, to the light to enlightened humans who have come before. It is our inherent right to grow wisdom and understanding in a world that is not speaking truth, We must become that voice, to understand the dangers and the need to come together as a community for peace. As the old adage says, Peace begins with me. And not only peace but strength from clarity of thought and emotion. We become forces to be reckoned with as we demand truth and justice.
So excited to be reading a bit from my book, Transforming Trauma, a drugless and creative path to healing PTS/D and ACE (adverse childhood experiences). Coming to a bookstore near you any day! So grateful to have all the endorsements including from MIT scientist Stephanie Seneff who's third episode with me will drop August 18. Her new work ( with three others including a naturopathic doctor Greg Nigh) on the consequences of the mRNA vaccines. We talk about why and how and what to do. Quite devastating but we were all warned. Now those who had to or thought it was a good idea must take charge of their health
Remember if you have COVID or the jab the best research is showing that organic dandelion greens will help stop the spike protein from damaging tissue and organs. (There is a past episode with more but dandelion greens are coming through research as the most solid.
Have a great week! Love and peace to you all.
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