A Compassionate Argument for ProLife: A Dr.'s Perspective - Part 2


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In part two of this informative discussion, Dr. Lile and Dr. Clinton discuss the life-long effects that abortion will have on a woman, equating it in compassionate terms to a miscarriage. They shed light on the damage, pain and psychological scars that this single decision can have on the unassuming person who is seeking to rid herself of a "problem." Often times postpartum depression, shame, guilt, and in some cases, even suicide, can accompany this traumatic event in a woman’s life. But there is hope. Drs. Lile and Clinton discuss God’s healing grace and the promise of forgiveness that can cover even the most egregious sin. They close this interview by reminding listeners they are not alone. There are resources and understanding people ready to help a frightened girl or woman who is struggling with an unplanned pregnancy. The program concludes with a sorrowful acknowledgement of the 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and a thank you to Dr. Dobson for staying in the fight and leading the stand for righteousness since the Supreme Court rendered its wicked decision to legalize abortion.

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