02: Colombian Illustrator & Multidisciplinary Artist, Katty Huertas | @KattyHuertas


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When Katty decided to move with her now-husband from Bogotá, Colombia to Miami at age 19, her whole family thought she was crazy. She quickly learned that she would have to acclimate to a new way of life including learning that her aspirations for being an artist and illustrator couldn’t be satisfied at the state university where she was attending college. It wasn’t until she moved to DC and attended MICA where she found a community of fellow creatives and built the graphic design skills she needed to become a more well-rounded and professional illustrator.

Her first big commission came from the art director at Lenny Letter - an opportunity Katty said she jumped at. She realized that this whole illustration thing could actually become a fulfilling career. You can now find Katty’s colorful work featured on nbcnews.com, The Today Show, and many other notable clients such as Adobe, HBO Max, and even The New York Times. Nothing beats a recent project she calls “a dream job.” Katty created the key art for Disney’s Diary of a Future President and hopes to do more key art in the future.

We discuss the details of Katty’s artistic process and how it has changed as she gains more experience and confidence in her craft. While her art is extremely recognizable from its bright color palette, something she says was influenced by her Colombian heritage, she also recognizes that she wants to evolve and change as an artist. Katty is experimenting with AR, ceramics, and photo collages making her a true multidisciplinary designer. Join me on this week’s episode to hear more about how Katty approaches her work with originality and authenticity.

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Topics Covered:

  1. Katty’s brave decision to move the U.S. from Colombia at age 19
  2. How her Colombian heritage influences her work
  3. Breaking down American and Colombian stereotypes
  4. How her art and graphic design training are both used to create her work
  5. Her favorite and least favorite part of her work
  6. What’s it’s like to work for big brands like Disney
  7. Advice for young illustrators and designers
  8. Creating her new Skillshare course

Resources Mentioned:

Guest Info

Connect with Katty on Instagram and Youtube. You can also see more of her work on her website.

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