Ep. 032 - HELP! I have thousands of products, where should I focus my price decision making?


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In this episode, we're helping eCommerce companies who sell branded goods, have thousands of products, and are struggling to prioritise their price decision-making.

We go through 5 options to help eCommerce companies remove the noise, and slice their data in a way that allows them to focus their pricing decisions on the most important 10, 20, 30 products today and every day.

This includes - how to find your outliers, how to use percentage price difference to your advantage, when to focus on what data has changed, how the total number of competitors can be relevant, and also how marketing insights can help.

This episode is hosted by Philip Huthwaite, CEO & Founder of BlackCurve.

BlackCurve is your eCommerce pricing HQ: We help e-commerce businesses understand their competitors, and use price to improve digital marketing performance.

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