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Electric playground was conceived in 2012 by Chicago DJ/Producers Andre Solaris and Nosmo, with the mission to present the best Global Electronic Dance Music to the city’s massive FM radio audience. The show is crafted to flow like the music programming at a proper club night. In tribute to Chicago’s House music roots, the program features some Chicago style House, along with an eclectic variety of other genres, including Trance, Progressive House, Drum & Bass, and Techno. Each week, Andre and Nosmo carefully curate 6 hours of exclusive mixes by the best DJs from around the world and across the nation, along with Chicago’s premier tastemakers. Whether you’re on your way to the club or jamming in your living room, Electric Playground is your source for the finest electronic beats! Tune in to 101WKQX (101.1FM) on Saturday night’s from 10pm to 4am!

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