Season 2, Episode 11: COVID-19: Challenges & Opportunities for Nonprofits


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The Coronavirus shocked the world! There isn’t a city, state or INDUSTRY that hasn’t been affected by pandemic. Out of all the topics and headlines, one that hasn’t been widely discussed is the nonprofit sectors response to the pandemic and the impacts of the pandemic on the sector. As nonprofits around the Country answered the calls of their local governments and communities, sometimes providing food and supplies to thousands of people in a single day, nonprofit leaders have been terrified that their sources of funding have been dwindling and could possibly disappear. What is the state of the nonprofit sector? What is the future of the nonprofit sector? How can nonprofit boards and leaders lead their organizations out of the pandemic and ensure their long-term sustainability? This episode will discuss these topics, and features Tonia Wellons, Tom Morley & Tiffany Turner, three nonprofit experts and industry leaders providing expert opinions and advice on understanding the impacts of the Coronavirus, how nonprofits can navigate challenges, and how they can identify and maximize the opportunities.

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