Season 2, Episode 19: Challenges for Black Entrepreneurs & Business Owners


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Becoming an entrepreneur/business owner has been a part of the “American Dream” for as long as time can tell, and a growing aspiration for many. But did you know that according to the 2018 Annual Business Survey, Black/African American owned employer businesses account for only 2.2% of the 5.7 million employer businesses in the United States? While this number has been increasing since 2002, this population is still disproportionately smaller than the population overall. Why might this be the case? Based on a poll of 400 Black business owners commissioned by Groupon and the National Black Chamber of Commerce, 80% of Black business owners said they faced significantly more challenges getting their business of the ground because of their race. This episode of The Workforce Wire features a discussion between three successful black business owners taking their seat at the table. Join us as we speak with Korey Neal, President of K. Neal Truck & Bus Center, Delegate Darryl Barnes (District 25), President of Men Aiming Higher, Inc. & Barnes International Ltd., and Laurie Sayles, President & CEO of Civility Management Solutions (Civility MS) about their experiences and challenges as Black entrepreneurs.

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