Season 2- Episode 4: Walking in My Shoes: Transitioning from Prison to the Community – Part II With Joseph Tolbert


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The United States Department of Justice reports that over 650,000 people are released from prison every year. Unfortunately, studies show that approximately two-thirds of those released will likely be rearrested within three years. The Workforce Wire podcast series, “Walking in My Shoes”, features returning citizens who have successfully transitioned from incarceration and identify, in their words, why they were successful, why many are not successful, and what can be done to decrease the recidivism rates of returning citizens. Part II features Joseph Tolbert, a father and Community Activist from Prince George’s County, Maryland. After his release from prison, Joseph graduated from DC Central Kitchen and started a career in the hospitality industry. Eventually seeing many problems in his community, Joseph became a Community Activist, fighting on the behalf of concerned residents, returning citizens and youth. In 2019 Joseph launched a clothing company, Been There Done That (BTDT), and became a board member at DC Central Kitchen.

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