EP - 013 - Importance of Mindfulness for Career Growth - Interview with Mindfulness Coach Srimaya Mahapatra


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What is it about Mindfulness that you need to know that can help you be on the track towards achieving your career goals?
In this Episode I have Srimaya Mahapatra, a mindfulness coach who is going to answering the below questions:

  1. Question 1: What made you think about helping people with Mindfulness?
  2. Question 2: How should someone who is new to Mindfulness understand Mindfulness?
  3. Question 3: How do you recognize if someone is mindful or not?
  4. Question 4: As a working professional how profound can Mindfulness be in your day-to-day activities?
  5. Question 4: Do you have any tips to follow for my audience to start working towards being mindful?
  6. Question 5: Being mindful is a state of being or is it like a periodic workout that one does on a daily basis?
  7. Question 6: What is that exciting thing that you are working on currently?
  8. Question 7: Who are your idols when it comes to the mindfulness niche?
  9. Question 8: Any book recommendation you got for us regarding mindfulness?
  10. Question 9: What is your future vision of being a mindfulness coach?

Do drop me a mail at connect@LeadershipImpactHub.com and share your takeaways from this podcast.
You can also connect with Srimaya on his website: www.srimaya.in

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