Building Marketing Technology Solutions with Jon @ - Escape Velocity Show #17


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Back when SaaS was still a new word (circa 2006), Jon Miller started Marketo, a software product that gave businesses an end-to-end view of their customer’s journey. The technology was revolutionary. No longer was a marketing team just collecting leads to give to the sales team… …but businesses were able to track and optimize every touchpoint. From ads, to website visitor, to sale, to upsell, to retention and residual profits. Marketo’s goal was to offer enterprise power at an affordable price to smaller marketing teams and unify a company’s view of their customers. In 2013 they had their first IPO. In 2016, they sold to Vista for $1.8 Billion. In 2018, Vista sold Marketo to Adobe for $4.75 Billion. And in this week’s episode of Escape Velocity, I got to sit down with Jon Miller and talk all about his revolutionary view on Marketing that grew his SaaS to a billion-dollar company in just 12 years… … and he’s doing it again with This interview is just loaded with “Aha!” moments. Jon is a fountain of marketing wisdom, and he shares: - The story of Marketo’s first failure - Lead scoring and the bigger picture of customer behavior - Why growth is about adding new revenue engines - The necessity of innovation for scale - How marketers can lose sight of real revenue - Where most SaaS profits really come from - Why the best marketing happens after a sale (

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