Smash Revenue Optimization Goals with Jason @ - Escape Velocity Show #15


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How do you maximize your revenue? It’s the question that everyone wishes there was an easy answer too. No, I don’t mean that as a thought-provoking chin-stroking question to ponder from the armchair. I mean how do you actually do it? How do big businesses know the right steps – backed with data – that are going to blast them to their revenue goals and beyond? Answer: By focusing on RevOps. RevOps, or ‘Revenue Optimization’, is a new field of expertise where consultants reference multiple data-points from big businesses to map out where your company should focus their time and attention. It’s about scaling your earnings based on a strategy custom-made for your business. And in this week’s episode of Escape Velocity, I interview Jason Reichl, the co-founder of Go Nimbly, a revops consultancy firm. Hearing how a revops consultant thinks is going to blow your mind wide open. Check it out. This interview is chunky. It’s an hour-long, and we get stuck into challenging topics including: - Vital metrics that you need to measure - Using industry benchmarks to rate your growth - Predicting the mind of a customer reaching out (

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