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Cass Midgley talks with married couple, Amy and David. They recently went through an intense deconstruction of their faith after which they found true freedom for the first time in their lives. David and Amy both come from a “Christian” upbringing, but were raised very differently. David comes from a healthy loving home while Amy was raised by an abusive father. Amy served on the worship staff at a non-denominational megachurch for many years where David also served as an Elder.

We also feature a 12 minute sketch of Jerry Dale and Leroy on AM Christian talk radio, KING.

We taped this conversation on September 16th, 2019. ​The intro music is "Never Know" by Jack JohnsonThe opening rant is by Hank Green from his YouTube channel, the Vlog Brothersthe segue music on this episode are segments of music by our guest today, Amy

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