Episode 45: Critical Thinking Activities with Radhika Iyer


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Not too sure if you’re doing enough critical thinking in class? Even if you teach in a non-EFL environment, there are plenty ideas to steal in this week’s episode. I’m excited about this one!

In January 2021, I was joined once again by the fabulous Radhika Iyer (see episode 34).

We start by having a good natter about the concept of critical thinking in the classroom and then Radhika gives you loads of fab activities to try out with your students, mainly B1 and up. I throw in a few ideas of my own and then focus on the lower levels.

What ideas will you try?

Radhika Iyer has nearly 30 years' teaching experience in ESL, ESL, EAP, teacher training and in Malaysian secondary schools. She has worked in Malaysia, Dubai and she is now living in Ireland and working with the local county education authority serving ESOL students.

Connect with Radhika on Twitter @radhikaiyer307

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