Black Panter 2 & Aquaman 2 Started Production, Katee Sackhoff voices Poison Ivy and more | 7-01-2021 News


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7-01-2021 Superheroes and Science Fiction News
Welcome to our news episode. We plan on releasing a news episode covering superheroes and science fiction for movie and tv series every Thursday. Join us every Thursday!
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Marvel News
The Simpsons: The Good, The Bart, and the Loki - Disney+ July 7th, 2021
Black Panter Wakanda Forever started production
DC Comics News
Watch The Suicide Squad Trailer -
Shazam! superheroes super suits first look - view here -
Katee Sackhoff is voicing Poison Ivy in Batman: The Long Halloween Part 2
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We have an entire podcast episode talking about Batman The Long Halloween Part One movie, here is a link to listen,
Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom started production
view scene clapper that reads Necrus -
Science Fiction News
His Dark Materials 3rd and final season started production
Listen to our podcast episode covering seasons 1-2 -
Foundation on Apple TV+ Official Teaser 2
watch teaster -
Solar Opposites renewed for season 4
Vin Diesel says Riddick 4 is written and they are moving forward towards production
Space Force Season 2 wrapped filming
Listen to our podcast episode covering season 1 -
Listen to last weeks podcast episode talking about season 2 of Mythic Quest on Apple TV+, here is a link to listen,
Greg's Extra News
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