Emmanuel Clase Hype! Relief Pitcher Recap & Early 2022 Rankings w/ Greg Jewett (11/18 Fantasy Baseball Podcast)


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We're talking closers, which means Greg Jewett is joining us on the podcast (1:00)! ... Before we get to relief pitchers, Justin Verlander re-signed with the Astros and Noah Syndergaard signed with the Angels (3:45). ... What is the current state of closers in Fantasy Baseball (12:55)? ... Let's take a look at the top-5 relief pitchers in 2021, starting with Liam Hendriks (17:30). ... On to the top-10 relief pitchers (27:34). Will the Blue Jays go back to Jordan Romano? ... How do we handle teams who go closer by committee (30:20)? ... Where might Craig Kimbrel wind up (38:16)? ... Should we start to worry about Mark Melancon (41:38)? ... What do we do with Aroldis Chapman (46:26)? ... Let's wrap up with Scott's early 2022 relief pitcher rankings (50:02)!

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