Top 5 QBs! Who is #2? Also, Best Movie Dads of All-Time! (06/21 Fantasy Football Podcast)


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It's Patrick Mahomes at #1, but who are we ranking second? Let's start with some stats about the position (4:00) including a surprising stat about Lamar Jackson near the goal line (7:45). Within this discussion, we'll talk about how prolific 2020 was for QBs and what to expect in 2021 ... How confident are Dave and Jamey in putting Josh Allen as their QB2 (11:04)? Which non-Mahomes QB has the most upside (14:00)? Which Top 6 QB has the most downside (18:50)? Which quarterback drafted outside the Top 10 could finish as QB1 (19:30)? ... Now moving on to the rankings, we determine when Mahomes should be picked (20:30), debate Jackson vs. Kyler Murray as QB3 (22:22) and tell you why Dak Prescott is QB5 even though you shouldn't be surprised if he is much better than that (28:40). And let's reveal our Top 3 movie dads of all-time (39:00)! Why the hell is John McClane on the list? Can anybody beat Bryan Mills from "Taken"? ... Email us at

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