Stock photography | A easy solution for social media and blogging, a big problem for UX and brand?


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Stock photography – the perfect solution for small business owners, bloggers, and marketers who need to create high-quality visual content without breaking the bank?
With over 6 million photos and more added every day, you’ve got choice, but is it always the ideal solution?
Do you find yourself spending hours looking for the right photo?
Do you still have to heavily adapt the photo or illustration?
Do you love or loathe stock photography?
Do you even care?
Can one stock photo ruin your brand identity?
We talk about all these things and more.
Plus UX Tombola and finding a Spanish omelette under the English dishes section.
Saddle up, it’s time for more Faster Horses.
All these questions, and even ones you didn't want to know, ANSWERED!
Plus the off-topic tangents you love.
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