Pull It Up - Best Of 05 - S12 Mix


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Pull It Up - Best Of 05 (Saison 12) Du 30 Juillet 2021.
Playlist :
Third World Feat Damian Marley - You'Re Not The Only One - Set Up Shop, Vol. 4
Longfingah Feat R.Esistence In Dub - Warning - The Longfingah Attack
Longfingah FEAT R.Esistence In Dub & Paolo Baldini Dubfiles - Warning Dub - The Longfingah Attack
No More Will I Roam Riddim
Perfect Giddimani - Good Herbs
Skarra Mucci - I Love You
Tippa Irie - Dance To The Music
Warrior King - One Perfect Love
Jo Mersa Marley Feat Black-Am-I - No Way Out - Eternal
Fittis Riddim
Capleton - Too Long Now
Wayne Lonesome - Fittis
Turbulence - Ghetto Life
Shuwayne Lonesone - Sweet Love
Tishana - Jah Jah Blessings
Ffurious - Prevail
Singer J - Sometimes
Loyal Flames - Bird Eyeview
Mawga Don - Be Your Self
Tony Curtis - Who Do It
Fyah George - Jah People
Stalag Riddim Riddim
Suga Roy & The Fireball Crew - My Sound
Ras Goudie - No War
Suga Roy & The Fireball Crew - Ease Off
Koffee - Pressure
Koffee Buju Banton - Pressure (Remix)
Black Roses Riddim
Luciano - If This World Were Mine
Perfect Giddimani - Venus
Young Shanty - Zion
Anthony B - Mr. Loud
Mykal Rose - Cool It Down
Dr. Edward Love - Black Roses
Road Tripp Riddim
Perfect Giddimani - Road Tripp
Iba Mahr - World In Problem
Lutan Fyah - Blessed
Robbie Rule - Safe Again
Winstrong - The One
Fantan Mojah - Everyday 9 To 5
Krak In Dub - Raised Riddim
Troy Berkley - Born And Raised
Charlie Charley & Tiger - Mama Teachings
Beenie Man - My Salvation
Davojah - Policemen
Johnny Osbourne & Ras Demo - The Right Time
Nattali Rize Feat Kumar - Indestructible
Bonafide & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - Start And Stop [2020 Remix]
Manudigital Feat Peter Youthman & Ondubground - Must Get Remixed - Dub Trotter
Taiwan Mc - Mr. Babylon - Special Request
Bad Habits - Ras Demo & Little Lion Sound
Cali Roots Riddim
Demarco - Stuck On You
Kabaka Pyramid & Medisun - Natural High
Groundation - Good Over Evil
Kolohe Kai - Golden Hour
Ballyhoo! - The Come Up
Atmosphere & Felt Murs - Heavy D
Konshens - Blaze Away
Iration - Be Alright
Blackout Ja & Liondub - Revolution Ft. Daddy Freddy
Blackout Ja & Liondub - Dancehall Vybez
Anthony B - Easy Rocking
Real Champion Riddim
Jo Mersa Marley - Nothing's Gonna Harm You
Chris Martin - Have Patience
Iba Mahr - Stay Positive
Black-Am-i - Wants and Needs
Tydal Kamau - Carry On

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