Pull It Up - Episode 03 - S13


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Pull It Up - Episode 03 (Saison 12) Du 17 Septembre 2021.
Tracklist :
Hempress Sativa - Scheme
Joe Sambo - I Love - Crazy Little Village
Jah Sun - No Profit In Peace - No Profit In Peace
Takana Zion - Babylon Wicked - Human Supremacy
Hugh Mundell - Jacqueline - Junjo Presents: Wins The World Cup
Gaffa Blue Production - Jacqueline Riddim
Cleon Williams - Scarface Money
Dixie Peach - Ruff In The Gideon
Satalite - Jah Shine His Light
Earl Sixteen - Jacqueline
Errol Bellot - Jah Works
Imar Shepherd - More Love & Unity
Patrixx Aba Ariginal - Tribute To Junjo Lawes
Lila Ike - Rider Shorts
Little Twitch - Memories (Tribute To Daddy U-Roy) - Memories
Buju Banton - Rising Up - The Awakening
Apple Gabriel - In The Jungle (Tuff Gong Version) - King Of The Dub Rock 3
Soja With Rebelution And Ali Campbell - The Day You Came - The Day You Came
Jr Kenna Feat Hussla D & Maikal X - Keep On Going
Zion I Kings - Mash Down Riddim
Lloyd Brown - Forward
Pressure Busspipe - Heights Of Greatness
Medisun - Hands Off
Lutan Fyah - Dawg Eat Dawg
The Movement - Never Walk Alone
Akae Beka - Great Nation
Clatta Bumboo - Look To Jah
Ras Teo - Tolerance
Messenjah Selah - Right On Time
Blakkamoore - Mash Down Georgetown
I Grade Dub & Zion I Kings - Dub Down Gt
General Huge Feat Bushman - Keep On Rising
Jahneration - Let Me Know
Zed2dizee Music Production - Isolate Riddim
Rod Taylor - Hallelujah
Joseph Cotton - Weeping And Wailing
Junior Roy - Share This Love
Cento P - My Soul
Zion Head - I'M Not A Bad Man
I Fi - Nuh Worry Now
Ganja Tree - Babylon In Rage
Tony Melody - Call On Jah
Jah Lightin Mountain - Oh I Must Live
Sativa D Black 1 - Walk Fi Nothing
I Live Aka Dappa Man - Nothing Else
Mr. Diamond - With Jah
Run Ja Boss K.A - Mama Warn Him
Kbong Feat. Mellow Mood - Vision - Let Love Lead

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