Pull It Up - Episode 23 - S13


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Pull It Up - Episode 23 (Saison 12) Du 04 Février 2021.
Tracklist :
Total Eclipse Ent - Total Eclipse (Hotta Fire Riddim), Vol. 2
Anthony Malvo - Hold Back Progress
Brigadier Jerry - Brigadire Control Dancehall
Teflon - No Fear
Imawni - Sweet Reggae Music
Delly Ranks - Watch Di Works
Blessed - Let Righteousness Be
Peter Rankin - Hotta Fire
Christopher - I'M Missing You
Maximilla - Thanks And Praise
Majesty - Your On My Mind
Johnson Code Ft Lloyd Wedderburn - Jah Love Is So Strong
I A Lion - Love Is Kindness
Delly Ranks - Love Like This
Chrome - Heaven Is Yours
Antz Makonen - Going Down
Juicy'S Empire Feat Anthony B & Tiwony - Strong Like A Lion
Nature Ellis - Talking
U-Roy Feat. Rygin King - Stop That Train - Solid Gold
Bebble Rock Music - Victory Rock Riddim
Alaine - Victory Rock
Romain Virgo - Stronger
Gentleman & Christopher Martin - People
Pressure Busspipe - All Said And Done
Bugle - What Is Life
Stonebwoy - Strength And Hope
Christopher Martin - On And On
D-Major - She Nah Give It Away
Iyaz - Only You
Medisun - Luxury
Irie Souljah - Magic
Nattali Rize & Minori - Fire Burning
Kumar - Without Love
Analea Brown - Just Hold On
Admiral T - Voyou En Costume - 40 Degrés
Maylan Manaza Feat Straika D - We Nou Soufè - Avec Le Temps
Nadine Sutherland - I Hope You Dance
Iya Terra Feat. Steel Pulse - Forwards Bound - Ease & Grace
Bugle - Real Struggle
Cutty Ranks - We Run It
Ras Ranger - Message In The Music
The Mighty Diamonds - Better Days
Sizzla - Jah Alone
Marcus Gad & Tamal - Callin I Trib

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