Pull It Up - Episode 29 - S12


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Pull It Up - Episode 29 (Saison 12) Du 19 Mars 2021.
Tracklist :
Ringo - Working Class
Badoo - The General
Barrington Levy - Shine Eye Gal
Barrington Levy - Sister Debbie
Clint Eastwood - True True Loving-Me Go Deh Already
Captain Sinbad - Man Live It
Yellowman & Fathead - Take Me To Jamaica
Michael Palmer - Mr Landlord
Coozie Mellers - Hang on Natty
Early B The Doctor - C. Bert
Early B - Poor Class Want Mass
Lady Ann - Shine Eye Boy
General Echo - Track Shoes
Michigan & Smiley - The Whole Wide World Is A Ghet
Mikey Dread - The Jumping Master
Sugar Minott - No Vacancy
Little John - No Vacancy
Michigan; Smiley - Afrikan Must Be Free
Don Carlos - Fight Fight
Errol Scorcher - Under Me
Derrick Lara - Hard Times
Ranking Devon - All Nations Have to Bow
Eek A Mouse - Virgin Girl
Horace Andy - Fight Fight
The Gladiators - Can't Stop The Righteousness
Dennis Brown - I Don't Want to Be a General
Anthony Johnson - She Have Fi Come A Me
Charlie Chaplin - Bubbling Telephone (Chalice)
Cornell Campbell - Trick in the Book
Early B - Visit Of The King Selassie
The Paragons - Know Yourself Mankind
Don Carlos & Papa Tullo - Lazer Beam (Nuff Stylee)
Trinity & Carlton Patterson - It's Raining
Ray I - Weatherman Skank
Billy Boyo - Look How She Fat
Toyan - Man Smarter
Trevor Castell - Too Popular
Simple Simon - Revolution Fighters
Al Campbell - Bad Boy
Devon Edwards - Babylon No Badda Haul And Pull Me

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