Ep 110: 19 year old writer sells her first feature film screenplay! Jordan-Paige Sudduth


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Jordan-Paige Sudduth is a 19 year old writer, actor, director, filmmaker, daily vlogger, and author. Born on April 13, 2001, she was born and raised in Georgia, left the state for a bit of time to attend college, and is now back in the great peach state.
She began gaining her interest in acting first at around age 8 after performing a small skit for an elementary school project. The next year, she joined her school’s drama club, and fell in love with the art when they performed a rendition of Cinderella, in which she played the Stepmother’s voice, a narrator, and part of the procession. The next year, in 5th grade, she played Centipede in the full length production of James and The Giant Peach, once again, at her elementary school.
In her first year of middle school, her grade level was not allowed to participate in the drama club, and from there, she began to develop her love of acting for film and television, and began to take classes at AllStars Performing Arts Academy, and performed, once again, in James and The Giant Peach, but this time out of school at the Dancing Goat Theatre. As she hit her 7th grade year, she left AllStars, and began taking acting for film and television classes at Creative Studios of Atlanta. At her middle school, she performed in theatre shows as Maria and a part of the ensemble in My Son Pinocchio Jr., and as Chaos in The Dream Thief later that year. Hitting her last year in middle school, Jordan was cast as the role of Dragon in Shrek Jr., and that’s where her love for singing seemed to kick in. Since then, she has begun taking voice lessons with Melissa Loggins at Music Authority, and doesn’t plan to stop any time soon.
As she made her way into high school, her passion for film and television acting had been shadowed by theatre, and she joined Troupe 5362, a now award winning high school theatre troupe. It was during her freshman year that she found she was longing for something more, and therefore, her first screenplay, CRACKED was written over the course of the school year. As January hit, she began casting the feature length film, and that summer (2016), the film was shot over a course of 23 days. It was released as a private screening in August, and has now ben released to YouTube. The film runs at an hour and 17 minutes, and it was her writing, and directorial debut, and has won an award for Best Student Film, and has been recognized at three festivals. From that film, she has also be nominated for Best Actress at the Widescreen Film & Music Video Festival.
Jordan continued to make films all throughout high school, and went to college in Vancouver, British Columbia to study Writing for Film, Television, and Games at Vancouver Film School in August of 2019. She has completed 20 film projects over all, and while she now focuses mostly on writing, she does plan on continuing to make films from time to time. In January of 2021, she started her own virtual YouTube talk show, Breaking Character, to showcase all different types of creatives in the industry.
Currently working on: Writing television pilots and features to be pitched.
W: https://jordanpaigesudduth.wordpress.com/about/
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