Ep 121: Filmmaker, and Assistant Professor in Cinema and Television - Missy Hernandez


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Missy Hernandez is a Writer and Filmmaker based in Chicago. Missy's pilot script, FAMILY MEDICINE, was a finalist for the 2020 Script Pipeline TV Writing Competition. Her feature script, I DON'T DREAM IN SPANISH ANYMORE, was a participant in the 2020 Cine Qua Non Storylines Lab.
Missy's goal is to make nuanced leading roles of women and Latinx people a mainstream norm.
American Thief - www.americanthiefthemovie.com
Available for rental or purchase in the US on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Vudu, Spectrum, and Fandango Now
Huck Magazine Interview with Director Miguel Silveira
The Last Election & Other Love Stories
Upcoming Projects in Development:
I Don't Dream In Spanish Anymore
Logline: Strange visions send a mother-to-be on a mission to undo the curse that has plagued her family for generations.
Short Summary: ISABEL PEREZ is in her mid-thirties and expecting her first child. As a woman who suffered a painful miscarriage whose own mother died in childbirth, pregnancy is especially difficult for Isabel. She often fears what feels like a curse. Her husband, DANIEL, grows concerned when she begins sleepwalking again -- a telltale sign she is under too much stress. While working at a community center where she volunteers, Isabel encounters a distressed woman who is about 8 months pregnant. She later recognizes this woman as the spirit of her mother who died in childbirth. Against her better judgment, Isabel reaches out to her estranged grandmother, AMALIA, a secretive and abrasive woman in her late 70s. Amalia also believes Isabel was visited by her mother's spirit and that the dreams Isabel has been having while sleepwalking are warnings. Amalia confesses that she is a medium, that Isabel's mother was clairvoyant, and that Isabel appears to be both. Isabel's visions lead her to reconnect to her grandmother and face some uncomfortable truths about her past and present that she must face head-on before it is too late.
A La Tumba (To the Grave)
Logline: In a country on the brink of revolution, a powerless farmer is willing to kill or be killed to keep her daughter from being taken from her. A La Tumba is a feminist Caribbean western about revenge and redemption.
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