Ep 140: An Inspiring Story From Sally Harvey Anderson


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Sally grew up all over the Southeastern US and moved to Los Angeles, CA as an adult. While in LA, Sally became an alumni of UCB, one of the best professional improv schools in the country.
She returned to “The South” to pursue a Master’s Degree and become an English Professor so that she could support herself while pursuing acting and writing. After graduating with her MA, Sally spent 4 years teaching as an adjunct (part-time) professor at Belmont University.
In those same 4 years, Sally got involved in the acting community in Nashville. She became a working actress in commercials and indie films in the Southeast, and started an improv program to coach actors out of The 4th Wall Acting Studio.
In 2021, she struck out on her own as an entrepreneur and coach with her brand Radical Tenderness.
Nine Lives
Book of Poetry
Sally Harvey Anderson or Catfire Queen (Nashville, TN) releases her first book of poetry. This collection is the encapsulation of what it is to be a human meat sack of feelings. The poems are part hilarious, part grave, part lyrical, part narrative, and whole brilliant. Sally is a brave and beautiful poet. You need her words in your brain.
"this is the story of a cat on fire..."
Email: sally@radicaltenderness.com
Website: www.radicaltenderness.com
Instagram: @sallyharveyanderson @radicaltenderness.co
Other: https://open.spotify.com/show/63cBIWcSCOoQuWMOkAyuBf?si=_1IvFhlLR5uXvAYMbGuOwA&dl_branch=1
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