Ep 142: Scott Leger - Are Filmmakers Living in Pain?


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Scott Leger is a Director and Screenwriter whose work has been screened at Cannes Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, SeriesFest, and Palm Springs International Film Festival. Drawn to filmmaking after a horrific mountain biking accident in high school derailed his illustrious Junior Varsity sports career, Scott transferred his manic passion from the field to the frame and hasn't exhaled since. And his collarbone healed up quite nicely, thanks for asking.
He would later drop out of Hampshire College to live at home and wait tables while immersing himself in visual storytelling and screenwriting. Eventually, he got around to re-enrolling and graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor of Freaking Arts degree. Scott considers his existentially meandering college years and his playfully mischievous youth to be the perfect incubators for his authentic brand of storytelling.
Finding himself too weird to be a normal person and too normal to be a weird person, Scott sought refuge in the arts, hiding at the end of a camera lens and a blinking cursor. His days of mountain bike stunts are [likely] over. His credits include Sony Pictures, MTV, and Bravo. He resides in Los Angeles and will continue to do so until they meet his demands.
T: https://twitter.com/scotterybarn
IG: https://www.instagram.com/scottbot3000/
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/118325434?embedded=true&source=vimeo_logo&owner=1095626
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