Ep 154: One For The Future! Actress and Filmmaker Suzanne Lenz


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In her own words
"Hi! I'm Suzanne. I'm an actress and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY. My first directorial effort, short film Christmas Eve Eve: Or The Things I Can’t Remember (which I also wrote and star in) recently played at a number of festivals including the 2021 Mill Valley Film Festival. You can watch it here on the platform Omeleto, one of the best hubs for high-quality short films on the internet. Currently, I'm producing my first feature film Every Man For Himself, directed by Gary Gardner and starring Daniel Sharman and Nicholas Logan, which is now in post production.
As an actress you might have seen me in HBO's Silicon Valley as Fiona, an AI robot who infiltrates the Pied Piper gang. Or maybe in the NBC TV show Blindspot, or the films Ricki and the Flash (dir. by Jonathan Demme), and Obvious Child (dir. by Gillian Robespierre). Recently, I starred in the hit web series, I AM YOU, which has nearly a million views and was produced by Rizzle Studios. I was honored with a best actress award for my work on the show by The International Academy of Web Television.
A Kentucky native, I received my BA in Theatre from Davidson College in North Carolina. I've spent time studying abroad with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the British American Drama Academy in London. In NYC, I've studied improv comedy and sketch writing with the Upright Citizens Brigade and scene study with renowned actress Maria Dizzia at The Freeman Studio.
I’m happy you’re here!"
Also, you can check out my documentary The People of Brixton, on Kwelitv here: https://www.kweli.tv/programs/the-people-of-brixton
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