Ep 158: From Ghana to America! Filmmaker Daakyehene Ababio


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Daakyehene Ababio is an international filmmaker, originally from Ghana but currently based in Ohio with his beautiful wife Angeles Kay Ababio and two kids. Daakyehene Ababio has been chasing his filmmaking dreams for about 15 years now as a self-taught filmmaker.
He did a couple of short films to grow his craft since he started Palmbook Studios in Ghana in February 14, 2014. He’s still pursuing the filmmaking dreams with two short films he
has done in Ohio “BREAKING POINT” and “LINEAGE” which all has his wife, Angeles as lead cast.Daakyehene Ababio is in production currently on a feature film he titled as THE CLOT.
Instagram: @Daakyehene_Ababio
Facebook: Daakyehene Ababio
Twitter: @Daakyehene_PBS

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