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Today, we visit with Richard Oring's former intern (and nephew) Aaron Kravitz. Aaron is about to graduate a 5-year program at Penn State University with a bachelor's and masters degree in accounting.
Not only did Aaron have to navigate the usual challenges of college life - time management, accountability, and budgeting - but he is also finishing his university career in the middle of a pandemic. This of course brings a new set of challenges.
Classes are virtual with different preferences of different professors, and even the social life is very different on campus - from bars and restaurants to not being able to go to Nittany Lions football games.
While Aaron was in school, he did two very different internships - one with Deloitte & Touche in New York, and the other with Rich at New Century. Both were great learning experiences, but we look at the comparison between interning at large and small companies. Incidentally, Rich speaks very highly of the work that Aaron did on marketing materials for NCFG.
The advice that Aaron provides is relevant for all college students - not just during COVID. He talks about budgeting, spending the necessary time on coursework, and finding a way to stand out among your peers (and not just with grades).
And of course, we share a funny story about Rich's sister, who happens to be Aaron's Mom.
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