The Psychology of Money


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Some people are savers, and others are spenders. Today, we break down the psychology of money. Joining Richard Oring are certified financial planner Erik Garcia and clinical psychologist Matt Morris, hosts of their own podcast, Building Us.

We start by looking at different types of couples - pairs of savers, pairs of spenders, and one of each - and we tell you which pairing often changes...quickly.

Matt, Erik, and Rich break down the psychology behind what makes some people spenders and other savers. Sometimes this is a product of upbringing, and this is often a source of friction in relationships.

It's important to note that saving isn't always good, and spending isn't always bad. There are happy mediums to everything, and we discuss strategies you can employ to change your financial behaviors.

COVID has been a terrible time for so many people for so many reasons, but for some, it's given us an opportunity to slow down, and spend more time with our families.


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